CIRQUE = “CIRCUS” in French.

Hair care brand CIRQUE is a new sensation shampoo/conditioner created by a lot of performers( ingredients).

With CIRQUE pursuing the concept “heart-filling”, it forms supple and non-course hair that the hair originally possesses.


This is CIRQUE brand that supplements
moisture and gloss
with the blessings of nature.

CIRQUE has main cleaning ingredient betaine that is well-known as gentle detergency used for baby shampoo.
After cleaning, horse oil, argan oil, lipijua improves the scalp environment then supplements the deficient lipids and moisture (conditioner).
The conditioner contains hydrolyzed collagen and hyaluronic acid, allowing hair to absorb and keep hair moisturized and repaired from inside. In addition placenta extract gives gloss and firmness to the hair surface.


3 reasons why “CIRQUE” has been selected

  • 1 93% of CIRQUE is made of naturally derived ingredients, water and high performancebiocompatible substance.


  • 2 Group of hairdresser (all “Hair care master” acquired) made their customers’ voice in a form.

    A salon quality shampoo is now available that can perform detergency, foaming, smooth texture and scalp care at a higher performance than conventional shampoo.

  • 3 Original brand made it possible to minimize the cost as much as possible and achieved the low price.

    We can offer really good products at a low price by producing large quantities in our own production. By keep using our product, we wish you can maintain healthy scalp and hair that the hair originally possesses.