Horse oil is expected to have a positive effect to maintain healthy hair. Hair is constantly

regenerating and it is said that approximately 50 of them regrow in a day. However, gray hair and

hair loss will be resulted if the nutrition does not reach the hair firmly. Oxygen removed by perm

and/or eccentric dietary habits like excessive consumption of alcohol or salt can be seen as some

of the reasons. By having CIRQUE shampoo with scalp massage, it is expected that the scalp is

nourished and stimulated, resulting in prevention of gray hair and hair loss by promoting blood

circulation. In addition, horse oil has an effect of suppressing itchiness. Horse oil has an effect of

suppressing itchiness caused by atopy and senile eczema. If you put on horse oil in an itchy area

of your body, itchiness will be suppressed by skin soaking the oil immediately, promotes blood

circulation and activates metabolism. It is recommended for those who need special attention to

dandruff and scalp itchiness.